** Holy words of Wisdom: Life can be worse, your coffee shouldn’t be

** My current Setup
Fully overengineered

The best tasting coffee, hands down, is if you buy your own coffee beans and make the coffee at home. Not only does this coffee retain its aroma and flavor, it is also a cheaper way to drink coffee.

Over the years I owned several Espresso Machines. My current setup includes two Quick Mill Achille and three Quamar M80. Wrapped around beautiful stainless steel, the Quick Mill Achille espresso machine is a heavy duty, powerful espresso machine.

** Where to get
some good stuff

Man versus Machine
Coffee Roasters Munich

Coffee Roasters Hamburg

Bella Barista UK
Second Class Gadget Supply

First Class Gadget Supply

** Everyday Espresso Life –
Big time fun
** Some Videos –
pure Coffee Nerdism