Life can be worse, your Coffee shouldn`t

Many people drink instant coffee that they buy from the grocery store and there is nothing wrong with it. But the best tasting coffee, hands down, is if you buy your own coffee beans and make the coffee at home. Not only does this coffee retain its aroma and flavor, it is also a cheaper way to drink coffee.

Most of the coffee is made in 36 tropical countries but in each country, the coffee beans are slightly different so there are subtle differences in the coffee, depending on the origin of the country. If you had to pick an example of a country with great coffee beans- go with Colombia.

Over the years I owned several Espresso Machines. My current setup includes two Quick Mill Achille and three Quamar M80. Wrapped around beautiful stainless steel, the Quick Mill Achille espresso machine is a heavy duty, powerful espresso machine for those seeking a manual lever action machine for the home environment. However, a Marzocco GS/3 will be added within the next few months. Of course this is completely over engineered for a private household. I will gradually add more content to this section, but as of now I would like to present some general content which might be of interest for you.

My current Setup

Everyday Espresso Life

How to make an Americano

My Quick Mill Achille

Replacing the Marzocco GS/3 Steam Wand

Bosco Sorrento Lever Action