For more than 20 years, I have been working at the ever-changing interface between technological progress and the resulting new business models. Nothing has ever been more disruptive; nothing has ever caused more movement in markets and the corresponding players. My focus is on all kinds of technologies, developing new business models and cultural change to transform companies  in a sustainable way with a clear focus on execution. I am convinced of the fundamentals of the platform economy, whether in insurance, finance, media or mobility.

I have many years of experience in managing and motivating large multi-functional teams, also across multiple countries. I believe in strong leadership and enabling people to achieve more and that’s why I also enjoy working as a change lead.

I also keep myself constantly up to date in order to have the necessary knowledge in the core disciplines. That means a lot of reading, a lot of listening and the constant exchange with my extensive network. You can learn every day.

By the way: I gave a short interview to the CDO Insight Magazine, which can be be found here. And if you want to connect: of course you can find me on XING oder LinkedIn – feel free to reach out at any time. And there’s even a Podcast featuring yours truly.


Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
ADAC Group Munich

Member of the Advisory Board
abas AG


Director Cloud Innovation + GTM
Technical Evangelist
Microsoft Redmond/Munich

Dep. Director Digital
Gruner + Jahr, Hamburg

Director Digital
Axel Springer Mediahouse

Scientist / Ph.D. Student
Darmstadt University of Technology

Various lectureships in the field of Digital Economics
Vienna, Munich

Member of the jury of the Innovation Programme for Business Models and Pioneering Solutions, powered by the Ministry of Economics and Energy

Regular Member of the Jury of „aws // Start-up, growth & internationalisation
Powered by Federal Ministry of Digital
and Economic Affairs

Happy Member of bitkom
Data Analytics

Coffee Evangelist
Restoring Lever Espresso Machines, Collecting gadgets, Being Mr. Bean

Record Collector
Vinyl and MP3, Post Punks and Tunesmiths, Aphex Twin and Phil Spector, all things considered


Rethink Connected
„How to develop a successfull data strategy from scratch“

VDI Wissenforum
„The influence of AI on Engineers“

CeBIT Reloaded (RIP)
„Reinventing mobility in the era of disruption and creativity“

ARC Europe Days
„Digital Transformation – A current Snapshot of my Learnings“

IT-Konferenz für Medienhäuser
„Enabled by Cloud: Fallbeispiele und Lessons Learned aus der Anwendung von Cloud-Diensten für mobile Produkte, Big Data & Co.“

Deloitte TMT Predictions Conference
„Zwischen Push und Pull: Zur Adaption der endlosen digitalen Transformation“

Deloitte TMT Predictions Conference
„Sind Online-Plattformen die neuen Medienhäuser?“

Buchtage Berlin
„Content as a Service – Wie die Integration von Mobile IT neue Erlösmodelle für Inhalteanbieter begründet“

3rd Austrian Mobile Days
„Zur Zukunft des Mobile Commerce vor dem Hintergrund der Datenintelligenz“

Digital Music Days Telekom
„How to emotionalize digital products“


Handbuch der digitalen Musikwirtschaft (von Rodriguez/Heinz/Rothkirch, Hrsg.)
„Das Preisgefüge im digitalen Musikvertrieb – eine ökonomische Analyse”
„Digitales Rechtemanagement – eine strategisch-technologische Perspektive”

Study on behalf of Wiener Staatsoper
„Strategische Zukunftsoptionen der medialen Verwertung der Wiener Staatsoper”

Tagungsband 9. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik,
„Der Flatrate-Bias in der digitalen Musikdistribution – Ergebnisse einer empirischen Untersuchung“

Zeitschrift für Medienwirtschaft, 2008
„Der Einfluss von Digital Rights Management auf die Zahlungsbereitschaften für Online-Musik – Untersuchung auf Basis einer Conjointanalyse“

Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Vol. 8, Issue 1, Feb 2007
„Cooperative Pricing in Digital Value Chains – The Case of Online Music”

ZMW- Zeitschrift für Medienwirtschaft, 2006
„Abonnementmodelle für Onlinemusik – Ein Simulationsprototyp für die Entscheidungsunterstützung bei Anbietern und Labels“

13th European Conference on Information Systems
„Strategies for Digital Music Markets: Pricing and the Effectiveness of Measures against Pirate Copies – Results of an Empirical Study”

Wirtschaftsinformatik 47, 1/2005
„Strategien für den digitalen Musikmarkt: Preissetzung und Effektivität von Maßnahmen gegen Raubkopien”


Daniel Adiwardana, Minh-Thang Luong ezt al.
„Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot“t

Séverin Lemaignan, Mathieu Warnier, E. Akin Sisbot, Aurélie Clodic, Rachid Alam
„Artificial cognition for social human–robot interaction: An implementation“

Richard S. Sutton, Doina Precup, Satinder Singh
„Between MDPs and semi-MDPs: A framework for temporal abstraction in reinforcement learning“

Natasha Jaques, Angeliki Lazaridou, Edward Hughes, Caglar Gulcehre, Pedro A. Ortega, DJ Strouse, Joel Z. Leibo, Nando de Freitas
„Social Influence as Intrinsic Motivation for Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning“

Chien-Sheng Wu, Andrea Madotto, Ehsan Hosseini-Asl, Caiming Xiong, Richard Socher, Pascale Fung
„Transferable Multi-Domain State Generator for Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems“

Stephan Bredt
„Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Financial Sector—Potential and Public Strategies“

Alyssa Schroer
„AI and the Bottom Line: 15 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Finance““

Maake Benard Magara, Sunday O. Ojo, Tranos Zuva
„A comparative analysis of text similarity measures and algorithms in research paper recommender systems“

Donghui Wang, Yanchun Liang, Dong Xu, Xiaoyue Feng, Renchu Guan
„A content-based recommender system for computer science publications“

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