Welcome to the private website of Gerrit Pohl, Munich. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to look around…

Welcome to my Website

This is the private website of Gerrit Pohl from Munich. Unfortunately, the content focuses solely on me – be it biographical information, my favourites or a few pictures. Even the contact page has only me as a subject. Me Me Me. Me Myself and I. Nevertheless, I wish you a worthwhile visit. And if not: according to persistent rumours there are many other sites on the Internet.

Excerpts from my notes

Every now and then I post a couple of links to articles or technologies that are worth mentioning from my point of view. This is not a blog, but just some excerpts from my notebook.

Paysend Launches Mobile Multi-Currency Wallet
The U.K. FinTech Paysend is introducing Global Account, its international, fee-free mobile money account with a multi-currency wallet, to European users. The Global Account offering aims to save people as much as £2 billion in currency conversions when buying abroad. Paysend analysis shows that people can save as much as £1.25 billion in fees when spending internationally and up to £996 million when shopping on overseas websites. __FULL ARTICLE
True conversational AI with Google’s Meena
Conversational AI is a catch-all term for natural language models for artificial intelligence that can interpret human words, speak to people, or carry out tasks or computation with natural language. To share progress towards deep learning designed to carry a conversation, Google recently introduced Meena, a neural network with 2.6 billion parameters. Meena can handle multiturn dialogue, and Google claims it’s better than other AI agents built for conversation.  __GITHUB & PAPER
BeCause Coffee is important: The 13 best travel mugs
There is no question that for many of us coffee is one of the most important things in our daily lives. On the other hand, we all have an ecological conscience that requires us to produce as little waste as possible. And therefore it is absolutely right to simply test which reusable coffee cup is the best. Nobody has ever done that before, and the friendly people of The Verge have done it now. So if you are looking for a gift and want to give something really practical: here is the appropriate __LIST
Six Emerging Business Intelligence Tools
Finding the right software for your data-based challenge is not so easy. On the one hand, there is an oversupply on the market, on the other hand, it is relatively costly to find exactly the right one. The article about the six best nusiness intelligence tools can possibly help here a bit.Please note: the whole thing is only to be seen as an aid, of course it can by no means replace your own research.__FULL ARTICLE
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