Life can be bitter. Your coffee shouldn’t be.

Deciding what beans to buy can be a daunting task for a beginner. There are many variables to take into consideration since there are over three dozen coffee producing countries on this little planet. Each country’s coffee is different; sometimes drastically different. Some you’ll find more often than others. For example, you’ll find Brazillian coffee just about everywhere. Within each country, every farm is going to have varying batches from one “season” to the next (coffee berries grow eight or more times a year.) Much like the IT industry, one coffee can be excellent today but mediocre or overpriced two months from now. So, it’s a bit complicated. But rather than saying, “ah, screw it” and getting smashed with your friends, you may want to read some basic recommendations. Of course I am judging everything based on my personal taste

With so many interesting coffee roasters out there, including many who have set up shops in just the past few years, selecting the best one is quite difficult. Of course I researched my picks carefully by drinking lots of shots of Espresso.

So here is the final result: „Man versus Machine“ makes the best Coffee around. Their blends that are both well crafted and highly eclectic – you can find their Website here and yes, you should order some beans today.

These are my favourite blends (they get even softer in my Lever Espresso Machine compared to MvM’s Victoria Arduino):

More to come.